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                Call for Papers | China Economics Summer Institute




                Call for Papers - Deadline: 6 May 2019 (Monday)

                China Economics Summer Institute (CESI)


                17-18 August 2019

                Guanghua School of Management

                Peking University, China

                The 12th China Economics Summer Institute (CESI) will take place between 17-18 August 2019 at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

                The objective of CESI is to create a network and community of top level scholars working on Chinese economic development.

                This initiative is currently co-sponsored by the Chinese University of Hong Kong-Tsinghua University Joint Research Center for Chinese Economy, the Institute for Emerging Market Studies at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Guanghua School of Management at Peking University, the Stanford Center on Global Poverty and Development at Stanford University, and the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University. The Summer Institute is organized in collaboration with the BREAD, NBER and CEPR networks of academic economists.

                This call invites you to submit a paper or express your interest in attending the above Summer Institute. The workshop intends to bring together the best scholars working on China in China, the US and Europe with other top level scholars who have an interest in working on China in the future. We welcome applications not only from those who want to present their research on China but also from anybody who has an interest in doing serious economic research on China and would like to use the workshop as means of exploring this possibility.

                The Summer Institute will bring together between 20 and 30 participants for a period of two days. During the workshop, there will be seminar presentations and free time to allow scholars to interact and explore the possibility of doing joint research projects. Senior scholars who will attend will be available for consultations with junior scholars. Afternoon sessions will give the opportunity to a select group of young scholars and Ph.D students to present their work.

                Scientific Committee

                Chong-En Bai

                Robin Burgess

                Hongbin Cai

                Chang-Tai Hsieh

                Ruixue Jia

                Hongbin Li

                Albert Park

                Gérard Roland

                Zheng (Michael) Song

                Heiwai Tang

                Daniel Xu

                Yaohui Zhao

                Li-An Zhou


                Please register online () for possible presentation at the meeting or expressions of interest in attending the meeting by 6 May 2019 (Monday).


                We can cover economy apex travel and accommodation costs for selected paper presenters and participants. Please indicate when you reply whether you will require this funding or whether you will be able to cover your own travel costs. Please note that it will not be possible to accept all applications to attend this Summer Institute. At the moment, funding is available for travel and accommodation expenses in accordance with standard guidelines (economy apex travel) but, where possible, it is hoped that some of the selected participants will use grants at their disposal to cover expenses and thereby free up space for others.



                Email: CESI@cuhk.edu.hk



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